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Shane McAvinchey

Owner / Director

Irish Dance Pro Limited started in 2014, when founder, Shane McAvinchey, a former Riverdance star, Irish dancing teacher (TCRG) and leader of various professional Irish Dance training programs had an idea. He was teaching his dance school in the city of Munich and was wondering why nobody was practicing at home. His students, many of whom lived in city apartments., told him that they couldn't practice at home for fear of disturbing the neighbours or scratching the floors. Then he had an idea, what if all his students had a protective, sound proofing, mobile practice mat of their own in unique colours & designs? Whats more, what if they could bring these dance mats to the studio to practice while classes are in progress without disturbing the others, and what if they could bring them to competitions to warm up on?! ... Immediately he got to work and so Irish Dance Pro was born.

More about Shane...

Shane started dancing at the age of 6 and went on to place top 5 in the World Championships and tour with Riverdance for many years. Since then he has toured with some of the worlds biggest productions, produced his own shows and taught his own dance school and workshops across the world.


"Finally! A Solution For Hard-Shoe Practice".


No More Damaged Floors, Injuries Or Noise Complaints!

"I am thrilled to finally share my Irish dance mats with you! My team and I are constantly testing and developing materials and designs to create the ultimate practice equipment for Irish dancers. Our dance mats provide a non-slip surface combined with cutting edge sprung floor effect technology that ensures full stability, durability and performance helping you reduce noise, reduce injury and eliminate floor damage during your daily practice routine - something I wish I had when I was a young dancer!" - Shane McAvinchey

The journey so far!

Irish Dance Pro began in 2014 when Shane was teaching a girl how to use heavy shoes. He told her 'Practice! Practice! Practice!' but she said she was not allowed practice at home because of expensive wooden floors and the fear of scratching them and disturbing the neighbours. It reminded him of his own childhood and how his family would scream at him 'Will you stop dancing!' So he had an idea... Imagine all his students had a protective, sound proofing, mobile Practice Pad of their own in unique colours & designs.

Shane brought the idea to his brother who teamed him up with the super talented Caroline and together they began to develop the idea, designs and materials for the first Practice Pads and launched the company.

Since then Irish Dance Pro has supplied 1000's of Irish dance products around the world and saved millions in floor damage! In fact, to date we have sent our products to North & South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand and beyond!

Shane was awarded runner up at 'Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur' regional awards on two occasions in the 'best new idea' and 'best new business' categories.

We are continuing to develop products to improve practice and promote Irish dance around the world. We are so proud of what we have already achieved and cannot wait to see what we can do next!



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