10 Ways To Improve Your Irish Dance Practice

10 Ways To Improve Your Irish Dance Practice
Here's the top 10 ways you can use your Practice Pad to improve your dancing practice at home, in studio or at the Feis!

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1. The Pro Align Grid improves control, cross, turn out & placement

The Patented Design Pro Align Gridcan be used as a visual aid by dancers of all ages, from beginner to championship level, to self correct alignment, turn out, cross, control and placement. The central markings on the Pad can be used to ensure you are placing your feet in the right position while performing your steps.

2. Your PERSONAL sprung floor

We all know that dancing on hard surfaces is dangerous and can lead to injury. The Practice Pad has a specially designed SprungTECH foam layer that gives the feeling of dancing on a sprung floor to help combat hard surfaces.

3. Non-Slip surface reduces chance of injury

Use the Practice Pad on any surface including carpet, tiles or cement and save yourself from slips and falls! OUCH!!

4. The Perfect Size

A lot of parents ask us if the Practice Pad is big enough? They are used to seeing their son or daughter flying around on stage that it seems counter productive to have them practice on the spot. But the truth is that without perfecting foot placement, turn out and basic technique - the flying around, jumping and kicking will not actually look very good and can  be dangerous without correct technique and control.

The Practice Pad was invented and designed by Irish Dancer and teacher, Shane Mc Avinchey, who spent years testing various materials, sizes and designs to finally come up with this perfectly sized practice space for Irish dancers.

5. Protect Your Floors

Parents can finally relax in knowing that their precious floors are protected from the relentless battering and stamping of their Irish dancer! No more scratching up expensive wood and tile flooring at home or scraping up fancy hotel lobby floors at the feis!

6. The perfect amount of sound

Use at home or in the studio without disturbing your family, neighbors, the teacher or fellow students. Supplies just the right amount of soundproofing and grip for hard shoe dancing with a foam center to reduce the sound just enough so the dancer can still hear their rhythms.

7. Lightweight and portable, TREBLE anywhere

Take your Practice Pad with you and treble ANYWHERE!

In the kitchen, in the bedroom, the sitting room or your favorite practice spot!

Take it to dance class or to the Feis - you can even practice outside!!