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Get ready for our next big product drop this April! After our huge Christmas sell-out, we're thrilled to offer you exclusive early access. Don't miss out - our products sell out fast!

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Meet the Original Practice Pad, a pioneering creation by Irish Dance Pro and a first in the world of Irish dance! This groundbreaking pad combines lightweight portability with exceptional durability. Its non-slip design ensures stability, while the convenient roll-up feature, akin to a yoga mat, makes it effortlessly transportable. The standout feature is the innovative foot placement grid, expertly designed to enhance turnout, cross, and control, a feature now seen across the full dance mat range. With its spongy center, the pad provides a comfortable cushion against hard floors, creating a secure and resilient platform for endless practice. The Practice Pad is more than just a dance surface; it's a tool for perfection in every step.


Discover the Galaxy Practice Pad, designed to inspire your dance journey to new heights. With its celestial-themed design and spacious rectangle shape (90 x 120cm), this pad gives you more room to move and explore your potential. It features all the high-quality elements of our original mats, including an anti-slip surface, foam center for a sprung floor feel, and a silicone underside to maintain stability. The added foot placement grid assists in mastering techniques like cross, turnout, and control. Elevate your practice to cosmic levels with the Galaxy Practice Pad.


Introducing the Setanta Mat – a tribute to the dedicated, passionate, and powerful male Irish dancers who often don't receive the spotlight they deserve. Drawing inspiration from the Celtic legend of Setanta, who fearlessly conquered a wolf to become the legendary warrior Cú Chulainn, this mat symbolizes the strength and courage inherent in every dancer. While the Setanta Mat welcomes all dancers, it's our way of specifically celebrating the remarkable male Irish dancers and their extraordinary contributions to the art of Irish dance. Join us in honoring their talent and dedication with every step on this mat.



Introducing the 'Little Jigger' dance mat, a vibrant addition to our collection, perfectly sized to match our regular dance mats. Adorned in fun rainbow Celtic colors, it's an ideal choice for youngsters beginning their Irish dance journey or seasoned little dancers keen to express their love for the art. This mat is not only eye-catching with its colorful Celtic designs and an 'I ♥ Irish Dance' monogram but also retains all the practical benefits of our original mats. It's designed to inspire your Little Jigger with each step, encouraging plenty of practice with its cheerful and lively character.



The perfect size for your Practice Pad, a wide opening, easy to fit in when rolled so you can take your practice ANYWHERE! The carry case has plenty of pockets to store your shoes, water bottle, poodle socks, tape and phone! If you have a Practice Pad this is a must-have.


Introducing the Irish Dance Pro Dancewear Collection: a fusion of style, functionality, and durability designed for the discerning dancer. Our carefully curated set includes sleek leggings, a supportive sports bralette, and a versatile cami top, each crafted to ensure peak performance without sacrificing style. The leggings offer a snug, comfortable fit, perfect for fluid movements, while the sports bralette provides essential support, and the cami top adds a touch of elegance to your dance ensemble. Embrace the confidence and grace that comes with wearing Irish Dance Pro - where every step is a statement of style and strength. Perfect for practice or performance, this collection is your companion in showcasing your passion with poise and power.


Present the ultimate gift of flexibility with the IDP Gift Card! Ideal for any dedicated Irish dancer, this gift card is the perfect surprise to light up their day. Upon placing your order, we'll promptly send you a digital Gift Card, complete with a unique code, directly via email. You can easily print this out or forward it to the fortunate dancer. This credit is redeemable across our entire range of Irish Dance Pro Practice Pads and Dance Wear, offering a world of choices for the recipient. Give the gift of endless possibilities with the IDP Gift Card!

All our Practice Pads have the following features:

Fresh & fun designs to inspire practice
non-slip surface
perfect for hard shoe
noise reduction
floor protection
sprung floor feeling
works for soft shoe drills too!
rolls up like a yoga mat
foot placement grid for turn out, crossing & control


About Irish Dance Pro

Irish Dance Pro Limited started in 2014, when founder, Shane McAvinchey, a former Riverdance star and Irish dancing teacher / choreographer, was teaching a girl how to use heavy shoes. He told her 'Practice! Practice! Practice!' but she said she was not allowed practice at home because of the expensive wooden floors and fear of scratching them and disturbing the neighbours. It reminded him of his own childhood and how his family would scream at him 'Will you stop dancing!' So he had an idea... Imagine all his students had a protective, sound proofing, mobile dance mat of their own in unique colours & designs. A concept now brought to life by Irish Dance Pro.


"I am thrilled to finally share my Irish dance mats with you! My team and I are constantly testing, updating and developing materials and designs to create the ultimate practice equipment for you. Our non-slip surface combines cutting edge sprung-effect technology that ensures full stability, durability and performance helping you reduce noise, reduce injury and eliminate floor damage during your daily practice routine. We hope you love the new Vinci collection as much as we do." - Shane McAvinchey, Owner Irish Dance Pro

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